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Hi there. I'm Jonah Larkin.

I never wanted to be a coach but apparently life had other plans for me.

In 2005 after completely burning out physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually I sold my company and took 2 years off.

I didn't know what to do or where to go but I ended up at a meditation center sitting 12 hours per day for four straight weeks. This wasn't enough for me so a short while later I signed on for another six weeks. This was a big step in my healing but little did I know how far I had yet to go.

I travelled around the world. I surfed. I climbed mountains. I met with healers, psychics, doctors, business people and friends. Riding on a horse in Mongolia I decided to become an acupuncturist.

Four years later with my medical degree and a practice I was seeing hundreds of patients. I apprenticed under Dr. Dan Kalish one of the fathers of functional medicine. But something was still missing.

One thing I kept hearing from my patients was "You know Jonah, I love talking to you." After hearing that time and again it finally sunk in and I transitioned my practice from strictly health based to a holistic coaching practice.

The difference with my clients now is that we always start with your goals and then use tools ranging from mindfulness, to nutrition, to lab and biomarker testing, to psychological techniques, to exercise and more to manifest those goals. We leave nothing to chance.

We may combine cutting edge tech (advanced biomarker testing, wearables, genetic analysis) with personalized coaching that identifies and eliminates your biggest stumbling blocks. Clients often experience this as massive shifts in mood, energy, goal accomplishment and body composition. Many also experience significant productivity gains. This is what happens when your body, your mind and your highest self are in alignment.

Because these programs are so comprehensive, I am very selective of who I work with. I consider it almost like going on an expedition. I give and expect a high level of comittment to change, improvement, and transformation.

If this speaks to you, reach out and we can set up a powerful conversation to see if working together makes sense.


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